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Fiberglass Mesh

Characteristics: High strength, Excellent alkali& acid resistance, Strong adhesion with resin, Easy

Dissolution in styrene, With top stiffness and locativeness, Widely used as an ideal reinforcement material.

Application:Concret, Plastic, Asphalt, Marble, Roof, Inside and Outside Wall etc.

Specification: 2x2 Mesh/Inch-10x10Mesh/Inch
(Mainly C-glass, Leno Weave)

Color: Up to customer’s  requirement

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Fiberglass Screen Mesh
The fiberglass alkaline-resistance mesh has been listed in the new building material as a kind of new inorganic compound material....
Fiberglass Wire Mesh
Glass fiber grid layout also known as alkali-resistant glass fiber grid layout.Is in the base and E-glass fiber woven fabric-based processing from the alkali-resistant, the products have high strength, bonding and good clothes paste, and exc...
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