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Metal Wire Series

Detailed Product Description
galvanized oval steel wire
Size :2.7/2.2mm,3.0/2.4mm
Zinc coating rate:40g/m2-300g/m2
Weight: 45kg
China oval wire mills

it is called oval hot-dipped galvanized steel wire

high carbon steel oval wire

galvanized oval wire

oval galvanized steel wire

galvanized oval shaped wire

galvanized steel oval wire

oval wire,etc.


oval galvanized wire

1. Specifications for galvanizedl steel oval wire:

galvanized steel oval wire is made of high carbon steel. It is widely used in South Amercia countries.


Common specification:

galvanized  oval steel  wire
Size :2.7/2.2mm,3.0/2.4mm
Zinc coating rate:40g/m2-300g/m2
Coil weight: 25-800kg


2. Applications for galvanized oval steel wire




Fences to cattle farms in special sites as flooded lands and seashore farms



Horticulture structures


3.packing coil



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